Features & Benefits

The BASTrainer… a javelin tool that has the potential to more thoroughly train throwers as well as become the indoor javelin event.

BASTrainer is Biomechanically Accurate

A javelin-training tool that utilizes a shoulder mounted projectile that, in an EWU study, was shown to have a 98% correlation with the actual javelin motor pattern.

Weighted Shoulder Throw

The Weighted Shoulder Throw

* An indoor competitive event for the serious javelin athlete
* Full speed javelin competition within a 30-meter sector
* Multiplies 100% efforts tenfold with little risk to arm or shoulder
* Reduces over-use injuries by eliminating the arm from the throw
* Athletes with arm and shoulder injuries can train and compete during rehab or resting phases.
* Finally… javelin athletes have their place in the indoor season.

Contact Info:

Christopher Vogel
BAS Athletics
(509) 939-1640