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**BASTrainer In Action at the Simplot Games**

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BASTrainer is the revolutionary patented and patent pending training system developed by accomplished athlete, teacher and athletic trainer, Chris Vogel. Its purpose is to train javelin throwers--and it is rapidly gaining acceptance by the track and field community.

Improved Performance, Improved Health

Athletes who are using the BASTrainer device are finding themselves with a competitive edge over the competition. They are throwing further, recovering quicker, and giving themselves the advantage of having more time to practice to refine their throwing technique. The BASTraining system utilizes what is called the "weighted shoulder throw" which allows the athlete to train the body while resting the arm. This results in promoting rest and healing, and substantially decreases the risk of injury.

Biomechanically Designed for the Competive Edge

The revolutionary BASTrainer device is currently the only bio-mechanically accurate training method that can be utilized by javelin throwers year-round. Eliminating the off-season for javelin throwers (who don't have the benefit of competing indoors during the winter months), will turn out a new breed of highly trained and increasingly-competitive throwers.

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